Borg Queen “Lapdance Romance”


Electro goth rock project Borg Queen originally started out as a form of art therapy when Jenny Kirby, an alcoholic stripper turned musician decided to get sober and needed a pet project to occupy her time and prevent her from hitting the bottle. Originally, Jenny set out to do a compilation of paintings based on her experiences as stripper and called it Sex, Drugs & Shiny Brass Poles. As the paint spread across the canvas Jenny found herself inspired to write a song for each painting thus merging her musical and visual art talents into a multidisciplinary art project. Jenny is the sole member of Borg Queen. She plays and records all the instruments and does the engineering and production. Each song has a corresponding painting done in large format acrylic on canvas. Borg Queen has evolved into an assimilation of all the different artistic mediums Jenny has trained and worked with professionally including, painting, animation, acting, set design, dance, musical theatre, production design and of course music. The perfect showcase of Borg Queen’s unique integration of mediums is the music video for Lapdance Romance, where Jenny was not only the art director, but designed characters, sets and costumes.

Twitter: @Borg_Queen

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