Exclusive Interview: J Metro


VCT: It is great to finally sit down and interview you before we get started is there anything you want to say to your fans about 2015?

2015 will be a busy year for J Metro, and you will hear more, and see more from me!
VCT:  Your style is quite unique, how did it evolve?

Since the years of practicing and making more and more improvements, in my career and with my vocal range, it has made me a better musician.
VCT:  When you record is there any special thing you do to prepare?

Rehearse before hand, and focus.
VCT:  Do you prefer recording or performing live?

Performing live
VCT:  What is your favorite story that you’ve experienced over the past few years?

Being at the Grammy’s this year and meeting so many talented artists and seeing some of my friends win a Grammy.
VCT: Is there any way fans can help support your music?

Yes make sure to download my new single on itunes “Magic” by J Metro.

VCT: When it comes to music, what do you feel is happening in the music scene today?

A lot of good and a lot of bad depending on who it is.
VCT:  Who is your greatest influence musically?

There are too many to name, since music is my passion
VCT:  Is there a favorite pass time you do besides music?

Yes I play sports, and also teach music
VCT:  What do you want your fans to know about your plans for the future?

Be on the look out for J Metro in 2015.



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