Savannah Philyaw


From Savanna: “Hello friend! I’m Savannah and I’m an 19 year old singer songwriter from San Diego, California. Music has always fascinated me with the way it can take over your emotions without asking your permission to do so. I am inspired by everything I do and everything I see. I write music based on experiences that have affected me and the people around me. These experiences are things that we all go through during the courses of our lives. Whether it be falling in love for the first time or losing a friend, I feel that a song can evoke emotions that spoken words cannot. Songwriting is my release, my passion, and my best friend. It has allowed me to be honest and open without fearing judgement. I hope that my music can inspire others like other music inspires me. I usually write about happy things and those experiences that can make us all smile no matter what time of day. To me, songs are like public diaries. Whoever hears your music knows exactly how you felt at the time the song was written. It’s actually a little frightening at times. I hope that my music can relate to you and the emotions that you experience during your life (especially if you’re a teenage girl like me). Songwriting is not what I do, it’s who I am.


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