The Timeless Void


These young talents are destined for greatness!  Hailing from Ontario, Timeless Void set out to weave a dense fabric of haunting, otherworldly psychedelic rock. Their music echoes mid 60s experimentation and acid-ridden atmospheres, but there are many bold reference to other genres, including folk and pop.

The band’s devotion to their self-assigned quest to create a unique and powerful sound brought them close in nature to acts such as Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips or Jethro Tull, yet they share a keen eye for melody and song-writing with artists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan or The Beatles at their more experimental.

Following 2013’s effort “Getting By”, the band is back with “Voidland”, a brand new studio album featuring 18 unpredictable tracks that set the bar higher and push the
boundaries of folk & psychedelia.

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